Thursday, January 18, 2018

12 Policemen Stormed And Ransacked Engr Emma Mbaka’s Home In Abuja Based On Frivolous Petitions

The culture of impunity aided & abated by the judiciary & the security agencies may destroy Nigeria if nothing is done immediately to obviate the dangerous trend.

This situation is often ignored by the authorities and members of the National Assembly because they believe it cannot happen to them. That’s living in “fools’ paradise”.

A recent situation where a big industrialist, Innoson Chukwuma, employing many thousands of Nigerians was arrested by the EFCC based on a frivolous petition incited by a bank he did business with & who had defrauded him of billions of Naira, without investigation, was a big embarrassment & shame to this country.

For the police & other security agencies to go on the rampage all the time embarrassing, humiliating, tormenting & dehumanizing prominent Nigerians, especially in the private sector, based on unfounded & spurious allegations of corruption, forgery, gun running etc, without any investigations, are to say the least, stupid, mockery, abusive, unprofessional & bring shame to our country. We are yet to hear about that Chukwuma matter since after his release.

We cannot hide these shameful acts from the foreign media or knowledge in these day & age, after all they all have their embassies here & the power of the social media can only be taken for granted at ones own peril.

Playing on the local & international media network right now is yet another show of shame by the Nigerian police as they invaded the home of another prominent Ibo business mogul in Abuja last week. About 12 policcem, armed to the teeth & brandishing a purported search warrant, granted by a judge, based on a baseless & univestigated petition, stormed & ransacked the Abuja home of Engr Emma Mbaka.

Engr Emma Mbaka, for those who may care to know, is the founder & managing director of Platinum Mortgage bank, a foremost real estate developer in Abuja & across the country, Trademore developers, the owner of the largest building structure owned by an individual, Platinum Mega Mall Abuja, a hotelier, Common Wealth Hotels, a great philanthropist, Emma Mbaka Foundations & one of the highest donors to Catholic faith in Nigeria, a Palpal Knight & employer of many thousands of Nigerians to mention a few.

He was alleged to have been accused in a spurious, stupid, frivolous & univestigated petition of being a sponsor of the Boko Haram terror group. That he had spent billions of Naira buying weapons & needs of the terror group.

Mbaka’s home was turned inside out, the cars in his compound & water storage tanks ransacked in search of weapons he was alleged to have stock piled & is supplying to the terror group to destroy the same Nigeria he has invested so much in.

Engr Mbaka, a silent celebrity & top business man, is well known around the country & particularly in Abia state where he hails from & has touched so many lives. Amongst his friends are state Governors, Ministers, captains of industry, the police hierarchy retired & serving military officers, heads of security agencies & the Nigerian clergy. All these people, in ideal, situations & in civilised climes, would have vouched to his character & possibility of sponsoring a terrorist group. These facts ought to have been ascertained or revealed in a thorough police investigation before a judge or magistrate grants a search warrant in these type of situations that have continued to embarrass, attract international hatred & put our country to shame.

Engr Mbaka who is married from Uli, in Anambra state, is said to have on going major issues with his wife & her brother which he alleged to have involved threats to his life, a matter presently before the Inspector General of police. The question everyone seem to be asking is, whether this is part of the battle. Your quess maybe same as ours.

Questions as to why these very ugly things should continue to happen in our country, involving security agencies & the judiciary, who should protect us, are left for the authorities at different levels & sectors to find out.

For such a petition alleging involvement of a non ordinary Nigerian in a crime the country is highly troumatised, would it not have been proper for any agency investigating it to have sought the consent of their overall head, the IGP in this case? Would doing that not make for a more careful & thorough investigation that ‘ll remove blames & regrets? Is it really proper for the police or any other agency for that matter, to act on every petition or allegations brought before them? Is there no atom of psychology or common sense that can be applied in some of these matters to decide whether a particular case has merit or is worth the man hours & tax payers money lost in these shameful operations? Should we continue to treat with levity the embarrassment & torture of our prominent people or from particular parts of the country who contribute so much to the economy? Is it not high time laws are enacted in this country to check the sometimes acts of impunity to protect innocent Nigerians from abuse & extortion by those paid to protect them? These questions yawn for answers if we must move forward as a people.

There’s a serious & compelling need to properly investigate this matter because if a domestic matter or a business dispute could lead or incite such a dangerous petition against an innocent God fearing law abiding Nigerian, all to get even, we may be headed to the height of lawlessness in this country.

If the man has any involvement with the terror group as alleged, he should face the law otherwise both the petitioner & all the people involved, no matter how highly placed, must be exposed & brought to book without any delay.

A genuine democracy with law & order, protection of individual rights, life & property can not allow this culture of impunity at all levels.

My take.

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