Wednesday, January 17, 2018

"Ladies, never allow desperation ride into your reasoning" - Ko BaBa calls out on Nigerian Ladies

Few days ago, a video of lady who proposed to her man trended online and has got people talking after the guy deliberately turned down the proposal. (Read Here)

Well popular comedian and public speaker Ko Baba, took to Facebook to call out on Nigerian Ladies who go far miles to please their guys.

Read his piece below!


You argued tithe, Buhari is good, supported fulani herdsmen I no talk. If you dare support this ladies can propose to men matter; I will not just block you here, I go block you for road kwa and possibly arrest you...LoL. 
Please ladies, never allow desperation ride into your reasoning; you can't drop your value and expect so much value in return. Let the man propose or leave your options open.
Honestly, engagement is even not enough to stop having friends as long as you are not getting sexual involved with anybody. When a man sees a woman he loves and wants, he goes for it and doesn't joke around. No responsible man will accept such offer and same with a responsible woman. 
Now, one girl has been disgraced because she thought love was boiling hot, now there is a cover up lies that the man. Its a no no for him and every sane person out there. The worst is doing it in public. 
You proposed, then who pays for the wedding and who runs the family. Its arrant nonsense and annoying to be seeing our girls keep dropping standard and ridicule women in general. No desperate woman ends up with a good man, its always bound to breed dissatisfactions and difficulties. You allowed desperation blocked your sense of reasoning, so how will you get a reasonable man.
No doubt, its a new age and lots of things will happen, but we can't just accept everything; one off such things na this girls going to proposed to men especially in public. Please be careful with your decisions and know that you will live with it forever. Normally my articles don't toll this lane, but am writing this because I heard a broke lazy guy make some silly comment. 
I never got married to anybody who really wanted marriage with me, that principle is the same for every focused man out there. If you are a lady, you make yourself virtuous and wait for marriage, you don't go out hurting for it, maybe because the world has lied to you that being single makes your success in other areas of life irrelevant. My friend; Eben have a line in one of his song that said there is a man for every woman, and there is a woman for every man. Please don't trade your worth for any man, it doesn't worth it.

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