Thursday, February 8, 2018

#BBNaija: The housemates are not entertaining us – Nigerians react

Some Nigerians have condemned the BBNaija show saying it is only a profitable show and the current housemates on the show are not entertaining them in any form.

The third season tagged “Double Wahala,” commenced some weeks ago with 20 contestants competing for a N45 million prize and a brand new SUV.

Some of the viewers of the programme told newsmen that the show was “an insult to their intelligence as it promotes immorality among contestants.”

They condemned how the housemates were kissing each other as if they had been legitimately being married. Mrs Olabisi Afolabi, a mother of two teenagers said,
“BBNaija becomes addictive when one indulges in watching it. I always engage my children in productive activities while the show is on. My children are under eighteen. They should not be exposed to anything that is pornographic in nature.”
Another woman Abimbola Coker, in her on opinion wants the BBNaija shows to be censored by government approved regulatory agencies to remove all obscene portions before transmitting it for public consumption.
“Obscenity and nudity become rampant in the show and such should not be encouraged in our society.” 
According to Samson Ogunsunlade, “BBN has shaped the perspectives of youths to glamorize or embrace unethical and immoral scenes as if it is a convention. “It is an avenue to make fast money without meritorious cause and a perverse drama costumed with the facade called ‘entertainment’.”
Some viewers said that the organisers of the show should improve on its organisation to make it more educative because many teenagers were watching either legally or illegally.
“A balance should be created between fun and depth.” They, while comparing the 2018 show with the 2017 edition with the theme ” See Gobe”, said that the 2018 show had not been entertaining enough.
This is the second week the show kicked off and many Nigerians had said that it was not entertaining enough. Cassandra Smith, a banker, hinted that the housemates in this year’s BBNaija reality TV show do not show so much seriousness and it all appeared that they were more interested in catching some fun in the house than winning the whopping prize money of N45 million.

She said they looked unambitious and were attending to issues nonchalantly referring to when the housemates lost their wager in their first week in the house:
“The housemates are not serious, they are there to entertain us, and they are not doing anything serious that compared to the housemates from the 2017 edition. “They should be made to sit up and entertain the viewers because that is the essence of the show,” she said.

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