Sunday, April 15, 2018

Ways You Can Stay Healthy with the Soot Pollution in Port Harcourt #StopTheSoot

It's no longer news that the level of pollution in the city of Port Harcourt is on the raise and have become a major point of concern as people are at risk of being affected at the long run.

Any form of pollution affecting the environment is considered unsafe for people living in that environment as it's over time changes the environmental structure and organisms within that environment.

Port Harcourt residents are at a very high risk of having health issues that may arise from the wide spreading black soot deposits on cars and rooftops. The black soot is as a result of incomplete combustion of carbon in the air.

Research has associated Black Soot with asthma, bronchitis, coronary heart disease and some other respiratory illnesses.

The toxicity of the black soot sometimes cause cancer which may lead to premature death. Those who live in and around Port Harcourt get covered in this black soot as they go about their daily activities.

Staying out all day is not the only way Port Harcourt residents get covered in soot; their homes are no longer safe because the soot filters in through unlocked doors and opened surfaces. Some parts of the state are said to have been covered with dark clouds since the deposition of the black soot started.

The activities of illegal refineries and oil bunkers are said to be responsible for this deadly soot covering the State according to health experts and the General Manager of an Oil Company.

There are things the residents of the State are advised to do in other to stay safe and life beyond the soot days. Check them out below:

1. General Cleaning:
Detergents should be used to clean surfaces to avoid accumulation of soot. Doing this daily will help reduce black soot gathered around the houses or offices.

2. Windows Should Be Shut:
Windows and doors should be shut as often as possible in order to prevent the soot from filtering in. Also, minimize the contact you have with open spaces in order not to let your hands touch the soot.

3. Use of nose mask
Wearing a nose mask in this period will prevent you from inhaling the contaminated air; soot will be prevented from getting into the nasal cavity when a mask is being worn.

4. Wash your hands daily 
While this sounds like a primitive idea, those who are health conscious know the implication of not washing their hands after being out all day. Your hands may have gathered germs and might have touched the open surfaces filled with the soot. It is advisable for residents to take shower three times daily.

5. Keep your skin covered 
Protective clothing will help many residents at this period when the city and its environs are covered with soot. The air vents should be dusted from time to time. Eating foods that are exposed is not healthy as they could have been contaminated

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