Monday, May 14, 2018

EXCLUSIVE: I want to touch Lives with my crown as a Beauty Queen - Miss Orlu 2018, Onwuka Nenny Stephanie

In an exclusive chat with MrifeanyisNews, celebrity queen and reigning Miss Orlu 2018, Onwuka Nenny Stephanie talked about her tenure as a beauty queen, childhood, her pet projects and more.

Onwuka Nenny Stephanie is a fashion model, fast raising actress, dancer, and brand ambassador to E-Exclusive events. She loves to be in front of cameras and sure a beauty with class.

Read Excerpt From the Interview below;

Let's get to know you?
Good day..I am Onwuka Nenny Stephanie ...The current Miss Orlu Queen Nigeria
Tell us what was growing up like?
Growing up as a child was really  awesome and at d same time sometimes frustrating..Awesome in the sense that I always always get the whatever I want from my parents because they are always there for me to see that I  lack nothing.And also sometimes frustrating when come back at d end of each term for them to find out that I failed mathematics..because that has always been my worst subject.. 
No matter d amount of lesson teachers they paid to help me on the subject ,it never worked...I have always had several issues with them about me choosing an Art course because they always wanted me to study science to become a Nurse ...but I found out it's not my thing..I can't force my self to do what I know I am not able to cope with....
So tell me How is your journey so far into modeling?
So far, the journey has been good and I thank God.I started modelling professionally early this year 2018.It's has been great working with great photographers ,stylists,make up artists....and praying for more to come
Can you tell us about your pet project?
As a beauty queen with a heart of gold who wishes to touch the lives of those abused and helpless children out there,I am willingly about my pet project on Child abuse, to enlighten the people out there about the dangers of child abuse and how it will be eradicated in our society...By visiting most Schools that i am able to reach out to and also most people around me..I believe it has to stop...
Am actually working on it and hopefully,it will be carried out next month..
How is your tenure as a queen gonna be like?
It is not just going to be a tenure of wearing a crown and start parading up and down...It is  going to be a tenure that must touch the lives of the poor ones out there's going to be a tenure that won't loose it's relevance...People out there will continue to talk about it from year to year...
Touching lives of poor people! that will be the greatest of all time as a queen and how do you intend doing that?
I intend visiting most orphanage homes, Doing street give out and also creating job opportunities by  starting an entrepreneurship training on how to make up, bead making, catering and other things that will benefit people's lives
So tell Us Miss Orlu 2018, What brand is your Favourite brand in the pageant world?
Miss Universe is my favourite
What Will be your advice to upcoming and young models out there? 
My advice to them is that they should always be good in whatever they love doing ,also never let what lame people out there tell u get to u...Have passion and and fall in love with what you know how to do best..Above all trust in God, cause he's not going to let u down...

Tell Us What You Want The World To Know About You?
The world should know that I am a queen that stick to her words, believes in the beauty of her dreams, determined and never gives up till my set goals are achieved...Above all I don't joke with my God because he is the one who has placed me in this position I am today.


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