Monday, October 15, 2018

Former U.S First Lady, Hillary Clinton Talks About Her Husband's Affair With Monica Lewinsky...

Former First Lady of the US, Hillary Clinton said in an interview that aired Sunday that her husband, former US president Bill Clinton, was right not to resign over his affair with Monica Lewinsky and that his relationship with the then-intern was not an abuse of power.

After an investigation into the affair, Bill Clinton was impeached by the House of Representatives in December 1998 but was acquitted by the Senate.

In the interview with CBS, Clinton was asked if her husband should have stepped down. “Absolutely not,” said the former secretary of state.

When pressed on whether it was possible for a relationship between a president and a 22-year-old White House intern to be consensual, Clinton said Lewinsky “was an adult,” before deflecting and trying to shine a spotlight on the allegations against President Donald Trump.

“Let me ask you this,” said the 2016 Democrat presidential candidate. “Where’s the investigation of the current incumbent, against whom numerous allegations have been made, and which he dismisses, denies, and ridicules?”

Clinton also said that she had played no role in criticizing the character of the women who accused her husband of sexual misconduct.

“I take responsibility for my life and my actions,” she said.


*Lewinsky just went under after this time...she should have used her 5 minutes of fame to climb the ladder....or maybe she was not allowed to!!!

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