Sunday, October 14, 2018

You Train Your Son To Be A Rapist When You Breast Feed Him - Twitter user says

A female twitter user identified as Alia Abeed has courted controversy on the popular social media platform after she posted that women are simply helping their sons to be a potential rapist by breastfeeding them.

The lady who believes when a woman breastfeeds her sons, the are being taught to understand how to explore the body of a woman and this might affect their thoughts on women later in their life.

She wrote:
If you breastfeed your sons, you are training them to be rapists when they grow up. You’re basically teaching them that they can touch a woman’s body whenever they want. If you oppose rape, stop breastfeeding boys!
Her posts however did not go well with her followers, who didn’t waste time to berate her over what most people considered as a silly statement coming from an idiot.

See their comments below:
Why don’t you visit a good Psychologist? I will pay your fee, in case you it.
I would have offered to treat her for free but her foolishness is making me doubt myself. Not sure I can do it alone, will need a committee to help this one
Dear God, help this sister for me, she needs your intervention.

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